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Twitter for Driving Schools and Driving Instructors

Useful Twitter Links for Driving and Motoring

Useful Twitter Links for Driving and Motoring


We have compiled a collection of useful links at Twitter for driving schools and driving instructors.

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Twitter for Driving Instructors

Please click and browse through the Twitter links below for cars, driving, driving schools, motoring, learning to drive and road safety:

Road Safety GB

Road Safety GB represents local authority road safety teams across the UK.

Pass Your Test

Driving lessons and driving schools. Top tips to passing your driving test.


Information and practical advice about public services.

UK Department for Transport

Official twitter channel for the UK Department for Transport.

Pass Your Test

Online resource for learner drivers and driving instructors.

Speed Sense

Developed in conjunction with road safety professionals, Speed Sense is a powerful training aid designed to educate motorists and cut road traffic casualties.

Driving School Directory

Upmyroad.com - driving school directory. Helping learners find a driving school in their area. Search, compare and review driving instructors.

Driving Test Success

Driving Test Success is the UK's leading software brand for learner drivers. This is the official Twitter feed by Focus Multimedia.


Official Twitter channel of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).


Driving schools, learning to drive and driving lessons.

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